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    The Aris

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    Post  The Aris on Wed Apr 15, 2009 3:48 pm

    1. What is your in game name, and co-ords?
    The Aristocrat (-244/-64) Roman

    2. What is your population?
    ATM 172, I started playing April 6th and on track to get a second climber medal.

    3. What is your troop count? (Please give a detailed list)
    64 Legs Will start training Imps and EI's very soon.
    The 64 legs are more than enough to drain the farms around me of res

    4. What is your style of play? Offensive/Defensive?
    Play both ways, start off aggressive farming, build as big a hammer as possible, croplocking enemies when ordered. I will also train a large number of praets. I think simming a wonder hammer is deadly boring and haven't done that yet.

    5. What other alliances, if any, have you been a member of/are on this server? None

    6. What other servers have you played? What alliances were you a member of there?
    Server 7 as Great Cornholio 2 years ago. Finished in the top 20 was in several alliances, was the leader of LEG XIII. Dissolved that one to join Odin and was the principle sitter for the winning wonder. Read the Travian forum archives for a good laugh at what happened at the end.

    Server 4 as Faster Pussycat 1 year ago, was in LEG XIII from start to finish.

    Server 2 as Great Cornholio and just finished, was in LOS-RW and we got totally owned in the wonder race. I finished #5 in pop.

    7. Do you have a sense of humour?
    My first village is called "Rusty Trombone"

    Got a bottle of Absolute in the freezer for you. I know I'm way out there in the boonies with a tiny account right now, but I'm having fun and have no intention of joining any of the n00b alliances that have been trying to recruit me.

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