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    Disband your alliance and kiss the ring.


    Disband your alliance and kiss the ring. Empty Disband your alliance and kiss the ring.

    Post  syrec on Mon May 18, 2009 6:22 pm

    It is clear that the Defiance alliances are withering under my unstoppable onslaught. My clubswingers are unbeatable because they ride at my glorious side. The only reason I haven't annihilated your villages entirely is because I may have uses for you in the future, but I warn my patience is growing thin and I could but lower my thumb to unleash the most fearsome armies of my kingdom.

    I command you, my subjects, to disband your rebellion immediately and pay your dues to your true and most gracious king. Half of you will be granted amnesty from my farming of your towns. The other half will remain slaves, freed only by fighting for my empire. My empire is very large. All of the best alliances fight for me, and if they don't already then they won't be the best for very long.

    These are my demands, as you will have none:

    1. You will pledge your alliance to King Syrec on your alliance profile pages.
    2. You will send an envoy of 3 fighters to join me at royal court and wear my flag.
    3. A tribute of goods and crop will be made by everyone to me.
    4. You will root out all those who go against me and charge them with treason, catapulting their villages and urinating in their clay pits.

    This is my offer, pray I don't alter it any further.

    King of Defiance

    Disband your alliance and kiss the ring. Masterchiefinhalo3

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