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    Post  Travian on Mon May 11, 2009 2:29 pm

    What is Travian Assistant? Why do I need it?
    If youre reading this post then you have fallen in love with the MMORTS game Travian. If you're still reading this post, then you are also seeking to take back some semblance of your life.

    Travian, by design, caters to people who will spend every spare waking minute as well as quite a few hours when you should be sleeping working on your account. They want you to have as many people in your account as possible. They want you to spend money on gold. They want you addicted. Whether you are a student or a career professional, you simply do not have the time it takes to successfully play this game and continue living any sort of normal life. Many of us have set alarm clocks to wake us up in the middle of the night so we can join coordinated attacks. Many of us have configured our cell phones so we can make sure our villages keep building in the middle of that important dinner or meeting. Many of us have skipped classes to dodge incoming attacks.

    Enter Travian Assistant:

    Travian Assistant is an application which allows automation of the recurring and boring details of the game. Sleep all night without worrying about your army getting caught at home. Go dancing at a club or go to a party without worrying about sending out attacks to farm. Go to class. Study. Spend time with your wife and family. Travian Assistant has you covered.

    What do I get with it?
    With Travian Assistant you get one integrated application containing the following tools...

    Attack Monitor - Scans for incoming attacks and responds when attacks land:
    Emails you details of the incoming attacks
    Optionally sends reinforcements home
    Optionally sends your troops to a configured safe town
    Optionally "quick dodges" sending your troops out before the attack lands and calls them home to arrive just after the attack is done.
    Supply Tool - Never be short on resources again. Never see your reinforcements starve. The supply tool lets you configure regular shipments of resources on a chosen interval.
    Farm Tool - Never spend hours sending out farming runs again. The farm tool lets you configure independent attack armies which will always keep your empire overflowing with resrouces.
    Build Queue - Never worry about upgrading again. The build queue will let you upgrade bulidings and resource fields, build new buildings, train troops, and do research in the academy, blacksmith, and armory.
    Market - Are all those merchants going to waste? Are you using more wood than iron? The market tool will automatically post offers on the market to help keep your resource supply exactly where you want it.
    Attack Clock - Never set your alarm to send off an attack again. The Attack Clock tool lets you send attacks to land at an exact arrival time with the options you designate. You can even choose to reinforce or recall troops using the clock. This lets you snipe enemy attacks with ease and not worry about the target's granary or feeding your troops.
    General Features:

    The application masks itself to look like a standard web browser to the internet, keeping you safe from multihunter eyes.
    The application can be configured to read your IGMs for you and optionally email them to a designated address as well as play a local sound file when IGMs are received. This will keep you informed about IGMs while you are away, will keep multihunters from detecting you are not there, and will prevent enemies from knowing when you are offline or sleeping.
    The application will optionally automatically celebrate in all villages, keeping your culture points soaring.
    The application randomizes the timing of all its actions to mimic standard human behavior.
    The application completes each action atomically and visits all the pages a normal human user would to appear human.
    The application requires a sleep time, where standard actions such as farming and building are not active.

    You can purchase travian assistant from this web site
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    Post  Marek on Mon May 11, 2009 3:37 pm

    Can we block the IP this came from?

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    Post  Admin on Tue May 12, 2009 6:15 am

    will do so

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